Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle asks the question we're all thinking. Bacon and avocado? Seriously?

on Nov 1, 2006

Let's jump in with the ice cream. What the hell were these guys thinking? Bacon and avocado? Bacon and waffles? In ice cream? Half the thing that's great about bacon is that it's crispy. When you throw it in ice cream, it's going to become a piece of rubber. It makes no sense. Did these guys not watch the first season? How did they not know that it'd be served to kids? Who eats the most ice cream? Kids! And the winner was good old fashioned cookie ice cream. It was cool to see Cliff win. He's clearly got some momentum and is cooking with confidence. He's cooking very intelligently, and he's out there working it. It's fun to watch this big sensitive monster feeding ice cream to children.

I had to giggle watching Sam flirt with the moms. Honestly, any time you're cooking for a group of judges or the public, working it is just important as the food you're putting out there. Which only goes to illustrate how salty Emily turned out to be. I was hysterical watching her talk about how she hates kids, and the mom with the big fat ass. That girl is great. I knew right away though, she wasn't winning this one. I'm pretty disappointed in Marisa, I have to say. You'd think that someone who makes desserts all the time, she'd be the front runner. I was convinced that she had this Quickfire locked up. Of course a pastry chef would have a go-to ice cream recipe that she can whip out and throw down. But clearly not. It was really disappointing, actually.