Harold Dieterle

The Top Chef winner weighs in on pasta salad, angry judges, and more!

on Sep 3, 2009

In terms of the gnocchi, you can definitely do it in 45 minutes. I thought Ashley did a good job. She went for it and made the ricotta cheese. But Preeti taking the water was kind of a disaster.

Let’s talk about the elimination. I thought it was smart to get them in teams. It was an interesting game plan. I guess they just felt like it would make things easier for them if they just put themselves in groups and come up with the food that way instead of every single person coming up with a different dish.

I thought Jen did a good job as the leader. I thought it was kinda funny when she told them she had to stay on task. I find myself saying that in the kitchen a lot too. I thought it was a good challenge. It looked tough and everybody was battling with firepower. They had four hours to cook and that was good enough.

Mike Isabella found himself on the top and the bottom and that was kinda funny. I didn’t think they’d do it. I thought they would give someone else a hard time. But that pasta salad I was like, come on. They couldn’t send Mike home.