Harold Dieterle

Why does everyone hate Marcel? Why did Betty cook a trio of soups? Harold Dieterle's asking these questions.

on Jan 3, 20070


And Betty. Wow. Sloth makes me think of barbeque. Last week, on vacation with my lady, I stopped of at this place in Atlanta called Poole's. Seriously incredible ribs. And that's the thing. Slow cooked. Northern Georgia. Braised. Cooked a really long time. Big and fatty. Betty did a trio of soups? What? The judges have been saying all along that they would prefer one thing that's really good rather than a bunch of mediocre things. And so, yeah, I thought she was the right decision to go. Combined with that odd green Quickfire mess. That was a visual disaster. Again, Ted Allen is not wrong -- it did look like lawn clippings.