Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne let's you in on an important lesson she learned in Season One. She also proclaims her love for bacon.

on Nov 1, 2006

I am bacon's #1 fan and president of the bacon fan club of greater America. It makes all things taste better (except for avocado ice cream, apparently). Looking at Ilan's ice cream, I started to water at the mouth and hope that he put a maple syrup swirl somewhere in his concoction. Bacon and avocado don't sound terribly bad either, but it all depends on who's making it...

So they get to the Redondo Beach Lagoon and Emily pulls what I like to refer to as a "Tiffani." Emily seems to forget that she was a child once, too. "I hate kids." Guess what? They can see it all over your face and in the end you'll suffer for it. Part of Top Chef is playing up to your customers, regardless of what age they are. Yet another stellar moment in interview. She follows it up by insulting one of the customers, commenting on her "huge ass." Real smooth. At the end of the challenge Cliff's fun and classic flavors won over the crowd. What I really appreciated is the fact that Marcel had a good sense of humor about coming in dead last with his bacontastic creation. The next challenge is to recreate a childhood favorite, and the winning dish will be featured nationally on the TGIFriday's menu.

There are a few who feel out of their comfort zone -- Marcel and Emily, to be specific. Again, had they watched last season they would have to know that the challenges address all facets of the food world. Get over yourself. And besides, don't they realize that most firefighters are a true group of gourmands? Hell, I'd jump at the chance to cook for a bunch of firefighters.

Again, underestimating their customers. So now we come to Midgely, who is out of his gourd, in an Animal House sort of way, forgoing ingredients for a six-pack of Boddington's. But he grows on you, sort of like fungus. Which brings me to my next point...I remember going through the challenges myself, and of course I always played to win. When you don't come out on top, naturally it's disappointing. But in the end is it okay to not win? Is this cast playing to win, or playing to stay out of the bottom three? There's a difference. Staying in the middle is not necessarily a bad thing. The Quickfires also become much more important than the Elimination Challenge because immunity is at stake. So I see where Midge is coming from, but he makes it hard to believe he is there to win.