Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong talks about the roadbumps her team faced while preparing for the camping challenge.

on Oct 16, 20090

The not-so-tasty ten-foot pole ones? Just two for me: Ron’s ceviche and Mattin’s salad plate. Ron felt compelled to put some shit in a coconut shell (never a good idea unless you’re in Tahiti on vacation; didn’t you see Doug Rodriguez’s “spectacle?”) It was WAY too hot out to be serving raw fish for one; secondly, pairing a really nasty boozy shot with it (I think it had rum and Coco Lopez in it) doesn’t do much for the flavor profile, unless it’s a straight shot of tequila or mezcal. I have to pause as I think about Mattin’s dish…. no wait …. yes, truly one of the worst dishes all season. (Sorry, Mattin). I suppose those of you who live in Nevada and Arizona know what I’m talking about when I say “hot” day. It’s oppressive, like walking into a giant convection oven. It’s one of those oppressively hot days in the desert. First of all, Mattin didn’t cook anything. Though I kept everyone’s fish stored on ice the night before, the quality of his seafood was not so great come morning. What happens normally in a restaurant situation like this is you call an audible. If it’s not good, don’t use it, or figure out a way to use it so it doesn’t suck. Mattin’s plate was akin to a terrible diner salad platter, you know with the shrimp salad, egg salad, and coleslaw, or something you’d get from behind the deli counter. It’s just didn’t LOOK good, beyond smelling and tasting funky. And the outdoor heat…. It was no wonder the French prince ended up at the bottom of the pile. We had almost cast Mattin for Season 5, but too many Euros would have made for an even messier season. I’m glad we got see what he could do on Season 6, and while I adore his Basque style, campfire cooking is clearly not for him.

Funny enough, Tim and I recently competed against each other in a “camping Quickfire” for Victorinox Swiss Army in Central Park, where we could only use our Swiss Army knives and 3 jetboils on the ground to make two dishes in 30 minutes. I think I accidentally melted a plastic base that was still attached to one of the pots. Tim dropped his trout on the ground. Total mayhem. Thank goodness I’m not allowed to compete on TC anymore. Melissa Perello whupped both our asses, but it was fun. Headed out West to film a few more episodes of “Zeno Supper Club”, which are slated to air soon on YouTube! Stay tuned and check out our Web site in the meantime. See you soon!


omg lol,... as if chef wasn't risky enough. Your outdoor cooking adventures sound like extreme sports territory. Perhaps X-Games should add culinary category next time XD