Lee Anne Wong

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on Jan 17, 2007

pat walsh wrote: Lee Anne, Where does one get to taste some of your food?

I'm still working at The French Culinary Institute in NYC. Keep your eyes open though, working on a book, a TV show, and spreading the gospel of pork.

Aingeal wrote: Sorry Leann but, if what I heard about your relationship with Harold is true, I have very little respect for you or him. (and just a side note...I never saw what the problem with Tiffany was....she was just as up front as any of the rest of you) I have to say that you do seem to have an odd affinity for a very poor chef in Mike, but then only a few people seem to have been chosen this year based on talent. It would seem the theme this year is Top Jerk not Chef. Only El has even come close to being a likeable human.....but I suppose this is what ratings get you. I'm very sad. I liked this show last year for the most part.

What exactly have you heard? To dispel all of the rumors once and for all, I am not dating Harold, I have never dated Harold, and nor will I ever date Harold (or what ever else you happen to be insinuating, speaking of respect...). We are very good friends, end of story.

Anne wrote: Hey, Lee Ann, you're affiliated with a culinary institute, right? Isn't front-of-the-house training part of the curriculum? I hold a meager degree from a community college and spent a full semester at the front of the house. Educational experience aside, it is so hard to imagine that these chefs with their audacious restaurant expertise have NO expectations for how their food should be presented. I was amazed that neither Cliff nor Illan could make that transition from conceptualizing to executing proper guest service of their product.

Not all cooks ever get a front of the house education, whether it's in a classroom setting, or working as a waiter. It is in fact a separate profession altogether that requires training and skill. Learning how to make a perfect sauce takes time enough, and while most culinary institutions do offer a small bit of front of the house training, Ilan and Cliff probably spend most of their waking minutes focused on how to make the food taste and look good, not how to present it. Add the pressure of building a restaurant in a few hours and not getting eliminated and there you have your drama.

done again wrote: Can we all agree that no one over the age of eight should ever use any form of the word yum? Yes, that includes yummy, yummo, yummilicious and any other modifications/derivations.

Could you possibly be speaking in yum about a certain yummo personality? I will admit to using words like yummalicious, yumtastic, yummorama, and yummalummadingdong. Or I could just be full of s#*t (otherwise known as yum). Agreed. Keep up the great comments everyone, I'm off to get some yummy snacky numnums.