Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong on Anthony Bourdain, going behind-the-scenes, and Thanksgiving dinner.

on Nov 22, 2006

Last year, I was on the inside, and I imagine some of the production crew grew to love us as much as I love this season's cast. Being on crew, you're not in the fishbowl, but you've still got your face pressed up against the glass for the 40 plus days you're in production, because there's very little free time to do much else. Point being, my "snark", is just humorous commentary, calling it as I see it. And really, it's just my opinion, so you don't need to agree. My insight in the blogs/diary to follow will be from witnessing everything firsthand, so take it for what it's worth. There are tons of Thanksgiving fanatics out there. Personally, I see it as a day to overeat and pass out in front of the TV while watching football. The best thing about Thanksgiving though is getting together with friends and family ... and overeating, and passing out in front of the TV together while watching football.

I have had a few lavish Thanksgivings, and I've had a couple where I was flat broke and had to improvise. Enter one of my favorite things in this culinary world: canned goods. As much as I promote and love shopping at the greenmarket for farm fresh ingredients, I always have a cabinet stocked full of my favorite dry and canned goods. They come in handy when there's no money in the bank, or your bank card is lost and there's no cash flow until you get the new one in the mail, or when you're too lazy to get your ass out of the house to feed yourself, or even when you come home after ten too many drinks and get the late night munchies. Watch enough food TV, and maybe some 30-minute magician will show you how to turn your canned goods into magical bean soup.