Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong gets personal.

on Aug 1, 2007


Hi all! Sitting on a very crowded plane to Aspen. I thought this might be a good time to answer a couple of questions for you. As always, thanks for your interest and continued support.

Q: A few of us at the Bravo boards were wondering what was in the "Top Chef" pantry. Would it be possible to share this information with us?

A: Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, I should probably not divulge the breadth of the pantry. Let's just say it's a very large assortment of food that any chef should be able to make a meal out of. Dry goods include spices, dried fruits and nuts, a variety of grains, oils, condiments, and cooking alcohol. The fridges are always stocked with dairy (you would not believe just how much butter the contestants go through), fresh herbs, and basic vegetables and citrus fruits. For Quickfires, I supplement the pantry with proteins and other ingredients like cheese, depending on the challenge, so we don't have to spend time sending them out shopping.