Lee Anne Wong

Find out who Lee Anne Wong diagnoses with "café-itis."

on Apr 16, 2008


Spike's wings with jicama slaw were delicious -- the wings were sticky-spicy-sweet. He had a nice hot chocolate to accompany, which was awesome because it was cold and rainy out. Stephanie's pork tenderloin was also delicious, the almighty bacon part of the equation once again. The rosemary sauce was surprisingly subtle. The Jerk chicken sandwich was good. But it was still just a chicken sandwich. Ryan is Brian Malarkey reincarnated and the used car salesman act can't sell the awkward bone in chicken thigh over the dry bread salad with the undercooked poached pear with crème fraiche and boozy syrup. Spazz McGee's shrimp were average as well as Lisa's predictable skirt steak with salsa verde. The pate melt was delicious as well as the Middle Eastern-inspired chicken kebab with yogurt and quinoa tabouli. Dale's ribs and potato salad, however, kicked ass. I ate an entire quart of the potato salad in one sitting after taking home the leftovers from filming the recipe for "Wong Way."

While Mark's soup had very good shellfish flavor, and was hot and creamy, the texture was very unrefined and would have been better as a fine puree with precision cut vegetables and seafood folded in. His chowder had absolutely no cognizance with the yakitori skewer also. Plus his station was indeed disgusting. I know this because I had to clean up after him after the challenge. The sausage and peppers just made me angry 1. Because she used store-made sausage. And 2. Because it was the most unimaginative dish she could possibly think of. At least Richard had a fun take on a burger. And then she ran out of garnish for the sausage for the judges. There's really no excuse for that, period. When we read the rules, we are always very specific about how many portions they need to reserve for the judges.