Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot speaks to this season's Restaurant Wars.

on Aug 29, 2007


Team April suffered from the opposite situation. Their tragic flaw was that they thought were a great team. They thought they worked so well that they didn't need to change much to win. (If I know Tom, it probably irked him that Tre didn't rethink that beef dish altogether.) At last! The mystery of the "dinner guest" is finally solved and we learn that he actually has no food credentials whatsoever (shocker), but he's there to paint some quotes about food on the walls. Good for the Team Formerly Known As Garage to listen calmly to him bash (incorrectly, I might add) their vegetable medley. He seemed disappointed when Sara cut him mid-snark and asked him for solutions. Good for her -- she handled that MUCH better than I would have.

Speaking of Sara, she really impressed me this week and stepped it up. She also saved some members of her team (Howie) who, without her, surely would have been sent home. (Did he really need a temperature reading to know that veal was raw?) If Stephen and Dale had switched outfits they would have simultaneously satisfied the judges AND made the list of top Top Chef moments.