Shauna Minoprio

Executive Producer Shauna Minoprio gives you the insider scoop.

on Jan 17, 20070

4. Marcel did not come to the production team at any point the next morning to make a complaint about what had happened so it took a little while for us to find out. He was in an interview and towards the end he mentioned it rather casually to the producer who was interviewing him. The producer then asked him for the full details and notified me.

5. Once we saw the tape, we had absolutely no choice but to ask Cliff to leave. I was very sorry to have to do so, as it was clear it was supposed to be a prank but it clearly went too far.

6. From the moment Tom told him he had to go, Cliff handled himself like a total gentleman. afpblog_tom211_320x240.jpg

from NY
from NY

Can you please address why you edited the head-shaving incident so that it appeared they tried to shave Marcel after they shaved their own heads, when ACTUALLY they tried to shave Marcel FIRST, THEN shaved their own heads? By editing it that way, you (apparently deliberately) gave credence to Ilan/Cliff/Elia's account that it was a prank that spiralled out of control. When in fact the malicious act was the very first thing they did, and they subsequently shaved their own heads in an attempt to play it off as a harmless prank that was inclusive of Marcel, rather than targeting him. This made me and many other viewers who figured out what actually happened realize just how much manipulation occurs in reality tv. Why did you decide to edit it this way?