Shauna Minoprio

Top Chef's Executive Producer Shauna Minoprio gives you the insider scoop.

on Oct 18, 2006

4. New crew Our main production team and crew consists of the following: 1 show runner (me) 1 director of photography 1 co-coordinating producer 1 supervising producer 2 production managers 5 field producers 2 segment producers 3 production co coordinators 2 assistant directors 2 cast chaperones 1 talent co coordinator 1 Art director 2 art department 2 wardrobe 2 makeup 6 camera operators 6 sound mixers 6 camera assistants 1 tech supervisor 1 tech assistant 1 audio supervisor 1 lighting designer 1 gaffer 1 electrician 3 culinary producers 8 production assistants The team is half old hands from season 1 and half fresh blood. Together we're a lean, mean, show-producing machine. Or we will be once we can remember each others' names. With 15 chefs arriving at five-minute intervals, the first day of shooting is somewhere between the first day at school and the charge of the light brigade. You just have to just keep moving, act like you're in control and hope that you're not among the casualties.

5. New challenges I'm worried about 15 chefs flambeeing at once -- I'm sure someone's going to get singed, probably one of the camera operators who spend a lot of time backing into hot pans and sharp knives. I'm also a little worried that the judges might throw up after eating 15 portions of snails and frogs legs (I know I would).