Team Top Chef's Editor shares her thoughts on Restaurant Wars.

May 21, 2008


In the end, Dale went home for what was apparently a gross dish (the butterscotch and scallop combo), and for being responsible for the team as exec chef. Honestly, I'm not a big scallop fan, but i can't imagine Dale has never made that dish before or at least put that combo together, so the fact that it was that inedible is shocking to me. The conversation in my office with my fellow editors while watching went like this: [Disclosure: This is a re-eanctment]

Me: I can't imagine Dale has never made that dish before.

Other Writer: Both butterscotch and scallops are sweet -- they shouldn't be put together.

Me: Yeah -- he really needed something to cut the sweetness and lush texture of the scallops like a citrus.

And there you have it. See? we learn a lot from watching Top Chef too!


I'm sure -- based on your comments -- that plenty of you are happy Dale went home, but i don't know, he kinda grew on me. And he cried. The man cried. That won me over. (Was anyone else reminded of Ricky from Project Runway when he started crying, though?)

Stephanie won for being the mastermind of the whole gastro pub idea and for making a tasty linguine and clam sauce so kudos to her. Seems like good positioning to go into the next challenge.