Ted Allen

Who's Ted Allen referring to? Read on and find out.

on Apr 9, 2008


I'm talkin' to you, Richard. But you knew that. I wasn't there, I didn't taste the food, I didn't get to participate in the hours-long debate about who stays and who goes. But, as an armchair critic on this episode, I have to say: It was not looking pretty for cocky King Richard. He leads the charge to serve a salmon dish, then fails even to scale the fish properly -- an enormous culinary sin that would result in some chefs literally beating the hell out of you next to the grease bin out back. He also uses a trendy cooking technique that the head judge believes results in mushy salmon. The focal point of the dish is flabby and improperly cleaned? Not good.

Over on Team Earth, things were bleak, too. The lovely and talented Ming Tsai said that every element of the dish was underseasoned -- that is, it did not contain enough salt -- and improper seasoning is another crucial, fundamental failure. Also, Gail didn't think the rosemary flavor worked; and, while I love that herb, I agree with Spike that I need a little lemony, caper-y brightness on carpaccio. Meanwhile, it was established throughout the epi that Spike had argued loudly to cook something else, so he was not to blame. And Antonia had immunity.

That left Zoi and Richard, twisting together in the hot, pitiless wind.

For me, Richard's were the worse mistakes. The one factor that made Zoi more deserving of the axe? That the judges voted her dish their least favorite overall, an opinion that was shared by the guests at the benefit. I agree with the judges' decision. But just barely.

You did get lucky, babe. Very.