Ted Allen

Judge Ted Allen points out the chefs' errors and responds to the viewers' complaints about the profanity.

on Mar 19, 2008


This show is on fire, sports fans! Another great epi. Herein, I'm gonna take on "molecular gastronomy" -- *hate* that term -- potty-mouthed chefs, and why, indeed, it's rarely a good idea to buy meat at the farmers market.

Let's start with farmers-market meat, which is usually locally produced, free-range, grass-fed, organic, dolphin-safe, all of which is lovely. But it's frozen. That last word is the problem. Kudos to Dale for teaching us this excellent point. It is impossible to adequately inspect frozen meat. You have no way of knowing how fresh or old it is. You can't really look at it or smell it since it's usually Cryovacced (sealed in thick plastic). I once made the same mistake Spike made in this episode; wanting to make lamb kabobs for a dinner party, I bought a bag of frozen, boneless lamb chunks at my farmers market in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn. I even told the purveyor my intentions, and she said it sounded like a great idea. It turned out to be, basically, stew meat. And even after a long afternoon of marinating, it was much too chewy to eat. Embarrassing! Thank goodness I had bought some turkey sausage, too.