Food of Love

Gail Simmons on what makes a super sexy dessert.

Our shoot for episode two was full of surprises! Walking in to that party room was eye-opening to say the least. Forget the contraptions on the walls and the toys in their glass cases; I was more shocked to learn how some of our contestants expressed "sexy" through their desserts. While leather and latex may not be my personal style, I loved the enthusiasm with which guests of Madame S dressed the part for her party. After all, sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, tastes and textures. Each of her friends made it utterly clear what their idea of sexy was and was not afraid to show it. But, even though confidence may score you points in the bedroom, sexy has its own set of rules in the kitchen. As we saw in this episode, having a little self-assurance definitely plays a role, but behind any great sales pitch there must be substance. Miguel won this challenge not because he was sexy, but because, behind his over-the-top display of chest hair, his dessert excited and engaged partygoers, satisfied their sweet tooth and made them hungry for more... To me, the definition of sexy as it applies to food is clear it thrills and entices, makes a statement but still leaves something to the imagination, lingers in your mind long after it has left your plate. We all may not get the opportunity to party with RuPaul every day (I swear she is over seven feet tall!), but that is not to say that we all don't need a playful, sinful treat every now and then. So here are my suggestions for serving sexy desserts: 1. Show off your best ingredients. Start with simple, mouthwatering flavors. Combine them in unusual ways: Figs with Honey and Champagne Don't be afraid to get messy. The adventure of cooking is half the fun! And you can always clean up later: Sticky Buns with Toasted Almonds. Luke-warm is so predictable. Hot and saucy commands attention. Experiment with textures and temperatures: Chocolate Coconut S'mores. Share the love. It makes everything taste better, especially with only one spoon: Creamy Butterscotch Pudding with Toffee Give lots of compliments. A decadent cocktail makes everyone in the room feel great and adds another dimension to your meal, providing guests with more to sip and savor: Chocolate & Whiskey Liquor.

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