Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons explains that none of the judges were rooting for CJ and Tyler's losing burger.

on Dec 6, 2012 Going back to John and Joshua, they could have gone home; were you surprised to see how much they just gave in to each other, so as to not rock the boat?
GS: Oh, it was apparent. And that’s was we saw there in the dish. It just had so little effort put into it; there was no garnish, there was no finesse at all. It was just sort of like someone took a big spoon and slopped those grits on to the plate, cafeteria-style, and then put this very unappealing piece of pork tenderloin on top of it. And threw some gravy over it. And it was just beige, and boring, and didn’t have great flavor in it. It had a little bit of that truffle popcorn flavor in it, but not enough to really highlight the ingredient, which is too bad; it’s yummy popcorn. And it just looked very apparent that they couldn’t agree, so they just gave in and compromised. 

Josh really shouldn’t have cooked the meat that way; he knew it, but he didn’t stand up for himself. I don’t know why. I understand that you’re trying to not ruffle feathers because you want to get along with each other, but if you’re cooking, it’s your name on the line. Well, you don’t see it till you watch the episode, but we see Josh picking a bone with Tyler, back at the house.
GS: I don’t understand why Josh cares so much. Let Tyler give up -- one less person to worry about! I think Josh was just disappointed and angry because he didn’t want to give up himself. People might be surprised that Eliza and Josie didn’t end up on the bottom, with the rocks…
GS: Well, that just shows you how bad some of the food was that day! I mean, I had a little pebble in my broth! And those clams weren’t cleaned that well. It was a very lovely idea, the cardamom curry broth; there was a lot more creativity, and it delivered a lot more than the other dishes. On the scale of what you’d want to eat again, I would rather eat a little sand than have to eat that burger one more time. It’s true!