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Now I'm Mad

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Now I'm Mad

Bethenny Frankel was a little ticked off by the outcome of this episode.

If, in fact, the camera doesn't lie and my experience in reality TV is accurate, then i am officially mad. Carla set us up for this episode by referring to Jeff's creative monkeys that won't rest (during the quickfire).

Carla's tofu was very inspired and creative and I'm really starting to love her wackiness. I agree that putting love in the food is really important. Fabio's oatmeal cookie eggplant was bizarre. Stefan represented as always.

The episode was boring in general, although I appreciate the creativity of the Super Bowl theme. I can't say I was surprised that Season 5 won. They are all used to cooking competitively, and they are in the zone right now. Plus, many of the alumni were not the stars of season's past.

Andrew is a wackjob, which I love. His imitation of Stefan was hilarious and spot on. I'm actually starting to like Stefan's arrogance this week. He was flirty and had a sense of humor with
Andrea although he really doesn't like to lose which is an unattractive and unprofessional trait.

I heart Carla. She was so cute and so excited when she won and you could see that it was contagious and everyone was genuinely happy for her. She is such a good, nice person.

There was definitely irony in the fact that the women won and the big boys faltered. I guess the 2 lovebirds got comfortable with their romantic mishap and had their heads in the game. I'm actually a spokesperson for Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals to promote their snacks for Super Bowl and I learned that 44 percent of the fans are women. I think the women are either trying to impress the guys or simply like the food. Either way, the girls prevailed.

I totally disagree with the exit of Jeff. I don't think he would have won, and I've been saying since the beginning that less is more and his food is too tricked out. However, Fabio has overcooked food more than once, rarely if not ever won anything, and he has screwed up things like pasta and pesto which should be second nature. His personality is contagious and charming, and if it were Top Charm, he should win.

He should have gone and Jeff stayed. I'm not even remotely wavering on this. Fabio is better television and that is where we are now. So I have to sub out Jeff in my top 4 for Carla. Hosea, Jamie, and Stefan as top 3 is all i can project now.