Burning Questions

The pop star reveals who he wants to go all the way on Top Chef: All-Stars.

Dec 10, 20100

Bravotv.com: Tom Colicchio mentioned that he was the one you had initially spoken to about your love of food and the show. What happened?
Joe Jonas: I've always been a fan of the Top Chef show and have always admired great chefs and their work. When I met him I told him I would love to be on the show.

Bravotv.com: Do you have a favorite Top Chef episode of all time? Favorite “cheftestant”?
JJ: Tim Love is a good friend of mine from Texas, and when he was on Top Chef Masters. I loved watching his great cooking skills.

Bravotv.com: What did you think when you were asked to be a guest judge? Were you nervous?
JJ: When I was asked to be a guest judge I was really excited, but once I was in front of all the amazing chefs the nerves really kicked in!

Bravotv.com: What were you looking for from the “midnight snack” the chefs had to prepare?
JJ: I was looking for something that would excite the kids and something they would really enjoy.

Bravotv.com: You made a joke about the chefs only having 30 seconds to prepare their food — do you think they believed you? They looked scared!
JJ: A majority of the chefs looked scared, and I'm sure they believed me. I figured I add more intensity to the pressure they were already under.


I enjoyed your music very much. It brought me back in time!


If I was A LOT YOUNGER, Joe, you're pictures would be all over my bedroom walls like I did when I was a teenager and Teen Beat was the best magazine ever.

Walts Wife
Walts Wife

Joe Jonas is adorable though I'm way too old to listen to Jonas Bros music...it's easy to see their appeal to young people. He did a good job and its nice to see his appreciation for food at his young age.