Savannah Guthrie: In the Spirit

NBC's Savannah Guthrie talks about the dynamic at the power lunch table.


Guthrie_-Savannah-07.jpg What were you expecting when you sat down at the table?
Well, it's what I WASN'T expecting: all that food! Yes, I know it's a cooking show. Yes, I knew we'd try a lot of different courses. But I thought we'd get just a bite or two of each. Instead, they served us huge, full-sized plates. Since we knew we had 10 courses coming, the biggest challenge was to pace ourselves! When you think of a successful “power lunch” dish, what comes to mind?
I definitely think of the cliche: a heavy protein like steak. But I suppose what puts the "power" in power lunch is the company, not the food. What do you usually eat for lunch? Both power and otherwise?
I usually grab a salad on the go. Not exactly a power lunch! Or gourmet! What are you favorite “power lunch” hotspots in NY, D.C., etc.?
Beyond the aforementioned tasteless salad place, I like The Source, and The Bombay Club (near the White House, great Indian). How was the overall experience?
It was a great meal with great company. Gail and Art made all of us non-foodies feel welcome and really encouraged our input -- and then they couldn't get us to stop talking!
I think everyone got into the spirit of really thinking about the food, the flavors, what worked and what didn't — a nice way of saying we probably were too critical. But the bottom line is: all of the dishes were really tasty, thoughtful, and enjoyable to eat. I'm a huge fan of the show, and it was great to see how they put together an episode. It's a really impressive production, and the chefs are talented to cook under that pressure cooker environment.

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