Team Top Chef's Senior Editor works herself up over the Quickfire Challenge.

Feb 1, 2011

It could very well have been Dale or Mike Isabella going home. I was a little happy to see some people comment on Mike's arrogance at the top of the show -- I felt like it vindicated Marcel a little bit. And although I know I'll continue to get comments not understanding my irrational affinity for Marcel, I still adore him.

Anyway, Antonia won with her mussels in white wine. This is a random recommendation, but for anyone who is near midtown should try Pazza Notte's mussels. They're kind of amazing. The other chefs were cold towards Antonia after her win because mussels are simple. But that was the point of the challenge right? Restaraint won. And, mussels can be bad -- when you've had bad mussels, it's horrible.

Next week, the chefs cook for Jimmy Fallon. Love him. I hope you are as excited about the episode as I am. Until then, tell me where you've been eating for Restaurant Week. (I've visited Resto twice in the past week!) Happy noshing!