Team Top Chef's Senior Editor isn't prepared to defend Marcel this week.

Jan 11, 2011

Hello my little Quickfires! I call you that this week since we didn't have one in-show. I also called this week's blog "Keep Fishin' " as an ode to Weezer. I want to start by saying that yes, you are all correct. My "hometown" of Long Island is a big place. I'm not from Montauk, but would like the liberty of taking a little local-ish pride in this week's challenge if you'll allow it.

There are some great places on Long Island to fish. In addition to Montauk, Freeport is also a hotspot. I've only ever fished for fluke (which I've actually noticed on a lot of menus recently), but I always caught tiny crabs. Sooo, I would have had a lot of trouble with the first portion of this week's challenge, where the chefs broke up into groups and actually had to catch their own fish, Tom-Colicchio's-American-Express-Shine-a-Light-on-Small-Business-commerical-style. As entertaining as this was (although I could've done without all the fishy sexual innuendo), I was really worried one group wouldn't catch a fish. I really don't know what the protocol would've been had they not, but I guess we'll never find out!

We'll go through each of the groups quickly this week. First, Richard, Marcel, and Fabio only decided to put out one dish. While this strategy seemed less than stellar, Jamie hit the nail on the head when she said it was a cop-out because you can't determine who did what. Sooo, what may have looked like a cop-out, actually may have saved them in the end. As big a Richard and Marcel fan as I am, I'm not wholly convinced they shouldn't have been the ones to go home this week. And I think if they had made two separate dishes that were as bad as the one they put out, they might have. But because the judges could say, "Jamie made this horrible dish... and Tiffani made this horrible dish," it was easier to find decisive fault with what the ladies produced, so they went home. This is all conjecture obviously, and I'll be sure to read the judges' blogs to get the real story.

I'm sure no one's upset to see Jamie go home, but her elimination just seemed so unsatisfying to me. It wasn't like a previous week where it really felt like maybe she deserved it. Sigh.