Team Top Chef's Senior Editor isn't prepared to defend Marcel this week.

Jan 11, 2011

The other two teams both did heads and shoulders above the bottom two teams. Although I've never been to Water Taxi Beach, my friends have and it's apparently a good time. I'll tell you one thing, whenever I end up going, I think a fish taco would probably be what I'd be most inclined to order. Carla took a gamble with her bagel and shmear take on the taco, but apparently it was delicious, and so, I'm happy for her! She not only embraced the fish challenge, but the locale.

The only other thing I really want to comment on is Marcel. I'm not prepared to defend him this week (I'll leave that to commenter Catherineb) because his behavior towards Dale with Tre was just bizarre. I thought he was going to break into one of his famous rooftop raps while arguing with Dale! As much as I usually think the other chefs just don't get Marcel, and I'll probably defend this guy against anything, I'm going to pick my battles and this week isn't one of them. What's interesting is that even if Marcel was right in his argument with Dale, his chicken nugget from last week's dim sum challenge wouldn't have won. And he thought it would have. Marcel needs to learn to focus on his own dishes.

In happier news, I finally ate at Ma Peche, and it didn't dispappoint. Many people recommended the ribs to me, but unfortunately they're not currently on the menu. Everything was excellent, but the cod was a standout. From Chatham, Massauchetts, it was served in this delicous ginger broth with coconut and shellfish. Part of me wanted to order the Montauk striped bass because it felt so relevant to this week's challenge, but I quickly realized that's not a real reason to order something. I'm checking out Nikki Cascone's new place, Octavia's Porch next Tuesday, so I'll let you know what I order then.

Until next week, Happy Noshing!