Team Top Chef's Senior Editor deems the Jimmy Fallon episode the happiest one yet!

Feb 8, 2011

Unfortunately, Fabio, Dale, and Tiffany didn't fare so well. I realy, really thought Tiffany was going to go because it seemed she just didn't make the right dish. Dale could've also just as easily gone home for overseasoned food. Although all the judges thought the whole dish was too salty, I still want to try it. I love Philly cheesesteaks and I love pretzel rolls. My best friend loves them so much in fact that she had them as her dinner rolls at her wedding, and they were delicious! (But salty.)

Ultimately, Fabio went home. As i write this, I'm dreading the fan reaction to this elimination. Talk about Fan Favorite! I can't think of a better example of how un-rigged this show is. (It's a word.) What producer in their right mind would get rid of Fabio?! Anyway, his booger (burger) was dry. Don't worry, Fabio, I used to call burgers boogers too (well, when i was in 1st grade.) I don't think Fabio's idea of using different meats was a bad one, and honestly who doesn't like meatloaf?! I wonder what would have happened had he not made that apparently horrific cheese sauce. I'm sure Fabio will be happy to return to his turtle... and the rest of his family. This episode really hit me with how close this competition is becoming, that anyone can really go home at any time. No one is safe. Not even Angry Dale.

So although I'm sure many of you are very upset over Fabio's elimination, hopefully the rest of the episode put a smile on your face. Tell me your favorite moments! And tell me where/what you've been eating. Until next week, Happy Noshing!

P.S. That blue mesh shirt of Angelo's is for real. One of my colleagues saw him on the streets of NYC wearing it, and texted me about it. When it came up on this week's episode, I called her into my office immediately to confirm it was the same one. It is!