Team Top Chef

The Oscar winner's presence brings out the best in the remaining chefs.

Jan 18, 2012


Hello, my little songbirds (muahahahaha!) Before we get to Charlize (!!!), let's talk about that Quickfire. The chefs had to select ingredients from a conveyer belt to create dishes for another beauty, Eric Ripert. There are actually restaurants in this fine country where you select your food off conveyer belts. In fact, I think we featured one such sushi restaurant on The Real Housewives of O.C. I don't know if I could eat sushi off a conveyer belt, but to each her own. I only have a couple comments on the Quickfire: While most of the chefs kinda grabbed what they could, Lindsay stood there waiting for the ingredients she wanted. While I certainly respected her devotion to the integrity of her ingredients, she really could have run out of time, which seemed like a bad strategy! And then there was Chris Jones. All i have to say is, "Poor Chris Jones!" Watching him consistently miss the lobster on the conveyer belt was painful. That was one of those moments where I echo the judges' comments from a previous episode that we're a--holes. Even his competitors were trying ot help him out! That was another case where maybe you just give up the ingredient and make sure you get your dish made! Lindsay's patience paid off -- she actually won the Quickfire making a bouillabaise... a bouillabaise for Eric Ripert. Very impressive, although, she admits, her win was tainted a little by Padma's comment that had Beverly remembered her curried crispies, her dish would have won "by a mile." Ouch.

Finally, the moment we've all been tweeting about. Charlize enters the kitchen! With Charlize next to Padma and Eric, there's too much pretty going on. Word from the shoot down in Texas was that Charlize is scary pretty, just absolutely beautiful, and that she's just plain cool. Yay! Love hearing that. All of the chefs have an intense reaction to Charlize's presence, Sarah, apparently a huge Charlize fan, flips out, and seemed to start tearing up. Beverly also loses it when Charlize describes her character as a serial killer (note to self: make a .gif of Beverly's reaction later.) The chefs are told that they will have to create dishes fit for a queen, an homage to Charlize's character, the Evil Queen, in Snow White and the Huntsman. All of the chefs interpret this differently, but some of them just downright scared me at the grocery store. We saw where all their minds go when they're allowed to, y'know, go there. Line of the episode goes to Grayson for her description of Bevery: "That girl is tiny, but she crazy."