Team Top Chef

The Oscar winner's presence brings out the best in the remaining chefs.

Jan 18, 2012

Grayson admitted she takes these challenges very literally, and although that's bitten her in the arse before, it worked out this time. She made a black chicken, something she's never cooked before, but something we have seen on Top Chef before, and just killed it. Literally. Her plate looked like a murder scene. When she described the egg on top as representing the egg inside the bird when it was slaughtered, I was, well, frightened, but also intrigued. Grayson has a dark side, y'all! (I never say "y'all," but seemed appropriate.)

Paul Qui won with his "murder song" of a dish. The bloody handprint actually reminded me of the old WB show, Roswell, and I loved it. I just thought it was so artistic, and although his ingredients sounded sweet, I wanted to try it with the bacon. Paul's on a roll.

Finally, we have Beverly.

Beverly made a halibut dish that really didn't seem very wicked at all. I swear I thought she would go out there and be all "This halibut represents the positivity -- me -- as I rise above the evil that Is Heather and Sarah...." That would've made my day, but she didn't do that. And so, Beverly went home. I knew she was dead in the water when the judges started commenting on her weird sauce. None of the other dishes really had negative comments about major elements, other than Sarah's risotto. And, so the great underdog Beverly is out of the competition. Or, is she? She goes up against reigning champ, Nyesha, in this week's Last Chance Kitchen. Watch HERE.

Until then, Have a Nosh!