Team Top Chef's Senior Editor tries to understand Heather's behavior.

Dec 14, 2011

Anyway, the theme of this meal was game. The chefs' experience with game ranged from people who said they've actually hunted their own food, like Nyesha, to people who felt slightly uncomfortable working with game. And perhaps some chefs were just uncomfortable working with their partners! I thought this episode was especially revelatory about which chefs feel compromising with a partner is the best route (and I don't mean Heather's use of the word "compromise," which means to just use her idea) and which chefs felt like they could trust their partners enough to simply go with their ideas.

Perhaps Edward and Ty-Lor won because they worked well together. Not that the judges know anything about what happens int he kitchen, but working well together should produce good results. Also, they used sorghum. I had never heard of sorghum till my friend was looking for it for her boyfriend a couple weeks ago, and then Hugh Acheson mentioned it on his latest appearance on The Nate Berkus Show. Looks like sorghum is the new black!

OK, now onto Heather and Beverly. Oof.