Team Top Chef's Senior Editor tries to understand Heather's behavior.

Dec 14, 2011

Phew. OK. Glad I got that off my chest. Looking forward to seeing all of your arguments over this one in the Comments section below.

Unlike Heather and Beverly, I think Paul and Sarah had a great dynamic. Paul had more faith in Sarah than she had in herself, and knew that even if Sarah wasn't happy with her sausage she would figure it out. They were yin and yang, and it worked. Unfortunately, Sarah cried, though. But, don't worry, Sarah. Beverly says its OK to cry.

P.S. Is Paul Qui the most adorable thing ever? I think i have a Season 9 crush on him. That little knit hat in his interviews! Sigh. Also, he seems so mild-mannered, but he's like a silent killer. 

Grayson and Chris were close to going home. Grayson walked a fine line of trying to steer Chris in the right direction -- away from a failed sweet potato fence, and not taking the reins when she saw her partner was in trouble. I'm not a trained chef, but I felt for Chris. I don't think sweet potatoes have ever come out the way I want to. They're just so temperamental. I'll let you know how my sweet potato latkes come out this year, though!

Oh, I almost forgot the twist! The chefs had to pick the bottom groups. I think they were all pretty constructive in their comments. Even Heather was dishing out compliments! It got a little dicey when they actually had to vote for the bottom three groups, but it seemed that everyone agreed on the final decision.

Utimately, Dakota and Nyesha are sent to the Last Chance Kitchen. So, watch to find out who will move on to next week's challenge.

And until next week, Have a Nosh!