Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler defends 'see you later, decorator.'

on Feb 7, 2007

There was a real range of stuff in this episode. Goil's design was very fun and I appreciated the fact that he didn't care where his bed would go once it slid into the wall. This is tv, it's fantasy, and I'd rather be transported into Goil's alternate universe in which beds can disappear than bogged down with pedestrian problems like the sliding bed wreaking havoc in the room next door.

I kinda' feel bad about how we treated Michael. Yes, his room was funereal, but his client liked it. Michael redeemed himself nicely from the previous episode -- he actually painted this time. I think he's sweeter than he might come across. Carisa's room was very fun and Matt's Hollywood glamour rocked -- using those cheapo clip lights as sconces was very inventive.

And then there's John. You know, I don't know if it came through on TV, but his room was completely unfinished, and we had no choice but to send him packing. I totally respect him for the way he revealed his HIV status and thought he was a true gentleman. I have a lot of friends in the design community who struggle with HIV and my heart goes out to John. I think it was brave of him to do so on the show, I think he's a talented guy, and I wish him all the best.

Now, back to "See ya Later, Decorator." Once you accept the majesty of the See ya later, blank-blank-ator lifestyle, you'll find squillions of opportunities to use it. "See ya later, attitudinal waiter". For your Valentine, there's always "See Ya later, sweet potater" or it could go a bit blue with "See ya later, stimulator". If I run into my pal Lady Bunny I can always say "See ya later, female impersonator." "See ya later, Christian Slater" would work if you should happen to encounter the oft-arrested celeb. The possibilities are endless. Lately I've been using one particular iteration more and more -- for some reason I keep finding myself saying "See ya later, catchphrase hater". Next week... Art: hate it or love it? Till then, see ya later!