Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler talks about hotel room design.

on Mar 28, 20070

Matt, whose chic interpretation of water won this week's Top Design, is a self-professed "floor snob." His chic interpretation of water felt tight, confident, and was easy to feel comfortable in. Goil, as usual, had a different take on fire than what one might have expected. While he was thinking sunset, I might've thought sunrise. I was astonished that he felt insecure with his element choice. Goil, who has described himself as "saucy," certainly radiates fiery energy. His choices were unique, but perhaps developed a little late in the game so that time got the better of him. It's hard to stop when you feel your room is not ready. No investor is going to see one of my model rooms until I know it's as close to ready as it can be. I feel for you, Goil!