Todd Oldham

Todd Oldham's tips on designing a party space.

on Mar 14, 2007


Welcome back. This week's challenge tasked the designers to create a party design that would blend the elegance of its host, Elle Decor magazine and celebrate Bacardi Limon.

Designing a great atmosphere for a party is certainly an important part of a gathering's success. The six remaining designers gave it there all within a time frame that for once is close to real life. Parties have to pop-up and disassemble often just as fast, so a stealth design and plan is in order.

A good approach to designing a party space is to define a few bold moves and maximize them. I loved Goil's strung lemon chains. A new way to use an everyday material. Also I was so impressed with his makeshift threading system of a bent nail and some white twine.


The addition of mirrors was a great idea. It was a surprise and it visually expands the space making it seem more active. Decorating a tent is always an obstacle. It is very expensive to erect a tent and no matter what you do, it still looks like a tent. So much of a budget can be eaten up by trying to camouflage the tent so it is often a good idea and more efficient to try to find a preexisting space instead.