Scheana: I Was Nervous About Seeing Stassi

March 16, 2015 • 8:50 PM ET
Welcome to the reunion... This is always one of my favorite things to film because it's current. It's where we are at in our lives right now, and I'm happy that everyone can see that. Going into the reunion, I was definitely a little nervous about...
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Our Producer Was There for the Final SUR Send-Off

by Erin Foye
March 3, 2015 • 10:37 AM ET
I can’t believe it’s the season finale. What a wild ride we’ve taken this season! This ‘50s themed photo shoot was just another amazing idea from Lisa. The shoot took place at the historic Pink Motel in the hot, hot valley just north of LA proper....
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Tom: Katie Is the Total Package

March 2, 2015 • 9:50 PM ET
In honor of our finale and because I felt like I was drowning in negativity this year, I decided to write something nice about about this group of friends. This is pretty boring, and given some things that transpired this year, it will be...
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Scheana: I Believe Tom

February 24, 2015 • 2:53 PM ET
Dinner with Kristen... Now how can this go well with what happened at our wedding, right? I went to that dinner expecting an apology from her, because from what I had heard, the punch was a huge deal at the reception. However, after watching the...
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