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Scheana explains why she doesn't believe Jax and why she owes Kristen an apology. 

Dinner with Kristen... Now how can this go well with what happened at our wedding, right? I went to that dinner expecting an apology from her, because from what I had heard, the punch was a huge deal at the reception. However, after watching the show, I do see she tried to avoid a fight by leaving with my friend Trevor and tried to not cause a scene. For that, I am thankful and very appreciative. I never said Kristen ruined my wedding. At the time, when a million other things had fallen apart that day, I felt like she was one of them, and I was owed an apology. Simple as that. I now see that what she did wasn't a big deal at the reception, and for that, I'm sorry. Now, back to the dinner. In what world does Kristen think it's okay to continue this Miami BS after the girl had already left? Ariana doesn't believe it, Tom thinks she's crazy, and Ariana and Tom are happy. It's no one else's business. They've already dealt with it and moved on, so why are we still on this subject? Who gives a flying f--- what Jax says. No one believes him, and he's not been a credible source of information over the past few years other than throwing people under the bus and admitting to sleeping with Kristen. I love Jax--don't get me wrong--but he's not the first person I would believe with a crazy story like this after speaking with Tom.

When the information was originally presented to me, I ABSOLUTELY had doubts, but with further review, I absolutely believe Tom, and at the end of the day, I just want my friends to be happy. Kristen has made it very difficult to remain friends with her after trying to take down Tom and Ariana. I've been so sick and tired of being in the middle of all of this drama, and I just felt like for both my sanity and hers it was time to break off the friendship, and I'm sure that was a mutual feeling. For the record, I will always be thankful for the friendship I had with Kristen when she was a good friend to me. It just simply became too hard to keep the friendship going. 

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