Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa would prefer if Jax and Laura-Leigh found somewhere else to indulge their urges.

on Feb 12, 2013

Vanderpump is back. . .

A week where I had really reached my limit. Hearing that Jax and Laura-Leigh were caught in the act was something that would send me over the edge. I can't legally fire somebody for hearsay. It was an incident I couldn't prove, so I had to confront them, warn them, and then let it go. Would it be the first time somebody had been up to no good in a restroom? I am sure not and it wouldn't be the last! I was more perturbed about the relationship that was rapidly developing between the two. . .

Firing Frank was something I had no choice in. He was confrontational to a customer and, unfortunately, I was left with no alternative. No regrets, simple as that. When I viewed his arrogance and his attitude, I felt justified that I had made the right decision.

These kids have emotionally complicated lives. I don't involve myself in that but if it spills over onto the restaurant floor I sort it. I was adamant that Laura-Leigh was being used as a pawn in the game between Stassi and Jax. I knew her to be rather fragile and you will see the realization as Jax comes to terms that he bit off more than he could chew.