Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa reflects on this season's drama and the drama you didn't see behind-the-scenes.

on Feb 25, 2013

Many of you have question why Stassi remains in my employ. I understand your opinion is based purely on what you see. . .I see a lot more. I see a young woman who has great potential and needs guidance, who plays with emotions and will hopefully learn from her mistakes. . .a young woman who was angry and indignant but now whose feelings have been validated.

Laura-Leigh claimed her victory as she quickly departed for stardom after being manipulated by Jax. Then a pregnancy was announced, surprisingly by a couple that were present but not in the forefront, which might be shown in the lost footage. We are only a few months away from our first SUR baby!
Some of the others lives are moving so rapidly I could present another half a dozen episodes to you as we speak!

Thank you for watching. It has been a unique experience and I trust this story is not complete. . .

Until next time, come and have a cocktail in the bar or a yummy dinner at the restaurant. Maybe you will catch me there.

Love always Lisa.