The Sur Dish

Stassi, Scheana, Katie, Kristen, and Tom dish on how the felt going into and coming out of the reunion.

on Mar 4, 2013

Tom Sandoval How did you feel going into this reunion?
Tom Sandoval: I wasn't really that nervous, I had already mentally prepared myself for mud-slinging, yelling, and emotional breakdowns. After a triple shot of espresso, and two shots of tequila, I was ready to go. Did you feel like people were ganging up on Jax at the reunion?
TS: It was a little annoying to see that Jax barely stuck up for himself when it came to him and Stassi's relationship. He wasn't a horrible boyfriend the entire time, in fact there were many times that he was so over-the-top amazing that I gave him a hard time for making me look bad. Haha! It seemed like he was saying whatever would appease Stassi to get her back. I do think Jax is a pathological liar, to the point he has to continually and consciously stop himself because it's such a habit for him. I feel for the most part it's just a defense mechanism, and unfortunately I've learned to just deal with it. What was the most surprising fight or reveal that you from the reunion?
TS: Wasn't much that really surprised me, except maybe how aggressive Scheana seemed to be about sticking up for Stassi and how if anyone was arguing with Stassi, she would sort of charge in with anger that seemed to surpass even Stassi's, even in situations that Scheana had nothing to do with. It seemed different than her normal chill self that I've come to know and love. Anything else you want to say to wrap this season up?
TS: What a ride. . .it's been a crazy year good and bad. What can I say about my friends? I love them, I hate them, I can't stand them, and I can't live without them. . .actually I can...but then they suck me right back in! Haha! We are definitely a family, dysfunctional at times, but a family.

The best part is, this is just the tip of the iceberg. . . you haven't seen nothing yet.