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The SUR Staff on the Reunion

Stassi, Scheana, Katie, Kristen, and Tom dish on how the felt going into and coming out of the reunion.

Stassi Schroeder How did you feel going into this reunion?
Stassi Schroeder: I actually felt OK going in. I've dealt with all the crazy emotions for the past eight months, so I was mainly just concerned with staying in a positive place and not letting anyone get me down at the reunion. That was my goal. Did you feel like people were ganging up on you at the reunion? On Jax?
SS: There were a few times I felt ganged up on, but hey, everyone is entitled their own opinions, and I didn't realize everyone else felt hurt by me as well. It was obviously hard to take but I can see everything from their points of view as well.

Jax did get a lot of heat -- but I think it was a long time coming. This whole season, everyone has believed him, and loved him, and worshiped the ground he walks on -- so I think it was deserving for him to finally take some heat for lying all summer. I think he handled it all well. Do you think you and Jax will end up together?
SS: I have no idea what the future holds. We are just working on our friendship, and that's all I can give right now. What was the most surprising fight or reveal that you feel happened at the reunion?
SS: Kristen and Tom accusing me of cheating with Frank actually really shocked me. It was disheartening and frustrating. I feel like they are two people who, once they've made up their minds about something, there is no convincing them otherwise, just like this past summer when they made the decision to believe Jax over me. Anything else you want to say to wrap this season up?
SS: Just hoping for another season. This was such an amazing experience and I would love to do it again. I feel very blessed right now.

Scheana Marie How did you feel going into this reunion?
Scheana Marie: Going into this reunion I was very nervous. Quite a bit of time had passed since filming, and we were all in a really good place. So I wasn't looking forward to the fighting. However, there were some unresolved issues that needed to be hashed out and for that I'm so glad we had this opportunity to all talk. Did you feel like people were ganging up on Jax at the reunion?
SS: I did feel bad for Jax. Although I felt he somewhat deserved it -- he really took a beating that day. He messed up. He cheated on Stassi and in no way is that OK, but since the summer we have all moved on and forgiven each other (for what it's worth) so it was hard to relive all of that. There were a couple of times I wanted to defend him because he is my friend but, sometimes it's better just to not say anything. If I would have jumped in certain parts, it would have caused unnecessary problems that I didn't want. What was the most surprising fight or reveal that you from the reunion?
SS: The most surprising to me was how upset Tom got. He was borderline tears. I've known him four years now and have never seen him so upset. It just goes to show how REAL all of our relationships and friendships are on the show. We may fight but at the end of the day we all love and care about each other very much! Anything else you want to say to wrap this season up?
SS: I cannot believe how much has changed between all of us. I mean who would have thought Stassi would be one of my best friends after the first episode aired? I certainly didn't, but I couldn't be any happier. There will always be drama between all of us, because we all are very similar outspoken personalities and when you are together all the time you are bound to bump heads. This has been such an exciting journey for all of us and I cannot wait to see where it takes us!

Katie Maloney How did you feel going into this reunion?
Katie Maloney: I definitely was nervous because everything we had been through and trying to get past was going to be rehashed. I didn't want to come out of it with hard feelings, but I knew there was plenty to be said. Did you feel like people were ganging up on Jax at the reunion?
KM: We weren't trying to gang up on Jax but it was necessary for us to call him out and give him the tough love he needs. He has a lot of work to do on himself and although we support him we aren't his mother and aren't going to kiss any wounds. He turned our world upside down and he needs to understand that. What was the most surprising fight or reveal that you from the reunion?
KM: I have to say I was surprised to hear Stassi say that I wasn't a good friend. I pride myself on being a good friend. After many times explaining my thoughts and feelings about the Frank situation (as well as about Jax cheating on her), it still hasn't sunk in. It was really upsetting for her to say I turned my back on her. I felt she had done the same to me. Anything else you want to say to wrap this season up?
KM: Honestly, I felt my voice was lost a lot. I am a strong opinionated person and those thoughts and opinions weren't heard so often. I think maybe I need to start being more aggressive with my voice and really begin to speak my mind and stop worrying about hurting someone or picking the right battle. I'm not a mean person, but I can't allow anyone to step on me anymore. Now that everyone has put everything out on the table my wish is for us to grow from this.

Kristen Doute How did you feel going into this reunion?
Kristen Doute: Nervous. . .very nervous. Although our friendships were mended, having to rehash all of the lows all over again brings out intense emotion. I knew there were still some things left unsaid before the reunion and it was all going to come pouring out. It was like therapy. Did you feel like people were ganging up on Jax at the reunion?
KD: We weren't ganging up, just being real. There was enough victimizing Jax all summer, and now that the tables were turned. What was the most surprising fight or reveal that you from the reunion?
KD: It was surprising and irritating to keep hearing Scheana call Katie and I out on our friendship and fight with Stassi. Yes, in hindsight knowing what we know now about Jax lying, I am extremely apologetic to Stassi for not being there for her. Scheana wasn't around for the first few years of our friendships and had nothing to base her opinion on. Anything else you want to say to wrap this season up?
KD: It was the best and worst summer of my life so far. I'm so happy that, currently, we are all in a good place. I can empathize with the way that Stassi felt because I don't know where I would be without my best girlfriends by my side. Things change everyday, relationships evolve, and the drama never stops.

Tom Sandoval How did you feel going into this reunion?
Tom Sandoval: I wasn't really that nervous, I had already mentally prepared myself for mud-slinging, yelling, and emotional breakdowns. After a triple shot of espresso, and two shots of tequila, I was ready to go. Did you feel like people were ganging up on Jax at the reunion?
TS: It was a little annoying to see that Jax barely stuck up for himself when it came to him and Stassi's relationship. He wasn't a horrible boyfriend the entire time, in fact there were many times that he was so over-the-top amazing that I gave him a hard time for making me look bad. Haha! It seemed like he was saying whatever would appease Stassi to get her back. I do think Jax is a pathological liar, to the point he has to continually and consciously stop himself because it's such a habit for him. I feel for the most part it's just a defense mechanism, and unfortunately I've learned to just deal with it. What was the most surprising fight or reveal that you from the reunion?
TS: Wasn't much that really surprised me, except maybe how aggressive Scheana seemed to be about sticking up for Stassi and how if anyone was arguing with Stassi, she would sort of charge in with anger that seemed to surpass even Stassi's, even in situations that Scheana had nothing to do with. It seemed different than her normal chill self that I've come to know and love. Anything else you want to say to wrap this season up?
TS: What a ride. . .it's been a crazy year good and bad. What can I say about my friends? I love them, I hate them, I can't stand them, and I can't live without them. . .actually I can...but then they suck me right back in! Haha! We are definitely a family, dysfunctional at times, but a family.

The best part is, this is just the tip of the iceberg. . . you haven't seen nothing yet.

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