Katie Maloney

Katie explains why she is no longer friends with Kristen and what she's looking for in a proposal.

on Jan 21

I saw Kristen at an all time low in Cabo and, when we returned, I was very very worried about her mental and emotional health. I even tried booking her a flight home because I felt she needed to go home and collect herself. Finally, she booked the trip on her own, and when I saw her tweets I felt disgusted and couldn't back her. I felt she wasn't facing the truth and was becoming weak.

Once Tom finally came clean it was so half-hearted. It was if he reluctantly confessed and then wanted everyone to shut up about it -- as if it wasn't a big deal and didn't cause so much pain for Kristen. As her friend, I felt destroyed to hear the truth. Personally I can never understand how something that crucial and all the lies around it could bring anyone closer together.

Kristen was out of her mind the night she confronted Ariana at SUR. She had the rightfully to talk to her but her approach was completely out of line. It's totally unfair for her to forgive Tom and put the blame on Ariana. She can have anger towards Ariana, for sure, but to name call and talk to her that way is tasteless. I had already come to terms with the fact that a friendship with Kristen had become a tireless feat. When I saw her reckless display that night at SUR it was confirmed for me.

Typically I would side with Kristen and support her argument. But given the torture I had endured, I was very much over her petty debate. A part of me felt for her, but she made it impossible to have sympathy. Her behavior was erratic and irrational. I was exhausted from trying to console her and side with her. It wasn't an easy decision for me to make about ending my friendship with Kristen but I had to be selfish, as it was toxic and really beginning to affect my life.