Katie Maloney

Katie explains why ending her friendship with Kristen was a "no brainer" and laments that her SUR family is broken.

on Feb 17

Whenever you find yourself between a rock and a hard place the only way out is to use extreme tact. We all have found ourselves in a sticky situation between friends. It's not impossible to be friends with people who don’t get along. But, you can’t achieve that if you are criminalizing one party in the process. I think Scheana was being a little petty in her process with Stassi. She was simply butt hurt that Stassi wasn't taking enough initiative in their friendship. Guess what? That's life sometimes. Sometimes you have to consider what someone is going through without your own feelings getting in the way. I don't think Scheana considered that Stassi was pulling away for her own self-preservation. Scheana took it personally and acted on impulse. Sometimes you have to give people their time and their space. That's what adults do. If Scheana really did care as much as she says about her friendship with Stassi, she would have done the honorable thing and been a supportive friend rather than take it personally and do damage.

My favorite moment this season was Tom's imitation of Scheana's dance. Tom Sandoval is such a character and I have always enjoyed that about him. I find him hilarious, and he actually is a really good dancer!

Speaking of dancing. . .I do regret the way I handled Scheana’s lapdance fiasco. I wasn't of sound mind at that point. I was belligerent and was using foul language and name-calling. I do stand by the fact that giving a lapdance is very uncharacteristic of me, and I find them skanky. I was still sorting out the feelings I had towards Scheana and it got out of hand. I really should have monitored my drinking given the circumstances. I had a very hard time watching myself. The way I spoke was so sloppy and unattractive. Scheana's not at fault for any of it, but why someone who is sober would argue like that with someone highly intoxicated doesn't make a lot of sense to me. All I can say is that I learned a lot from watching that and that given how drunk I was, I am still glad I knew it was wrong to give Peter a lap dance.