Kristen Doute

Katie discusses her Korean BBQ adventure with Tom and Katie's trip to the "dark side."

on Dec 16, 2013

It isn't acceptable behavior, but I love her and it also isn't the end of the world. (Sometimes I can choose my battles!) That particular night, however, was on another level. I knew I would get over it, but I really wanted for her to let it sink in how she had treated her boyfriend and two best friends. I hated seeing her cry, I just wanted her to reevaluate her decisions when it came to drinking.

It scared me when Katie texted Tom about Ariana and him. She was no longer repeating a rumor, but claiming that she knew something as fact. Something about Katie believing it weighed more on my mind than anyone else's opinion. I also had to take it with a grain of salt because she was wasted and doesn't mean most of what she says when she is. If the rumor was true, it would eventually come out. . .