Kristen Doute

Kristen discusses confronting Dani at the SURlesque bash, the Tom and Ariana rumors, and her glam mug shot.  

on Dec 9, 2013

Danielle had no place to even voice an opinion about my relationship with Tom and/or his "banter" with Ariana. She doesn't know any of us well enough and it was purely an uneducated observation. Dani and I were not friends, so it really pissed me off to have her spreading these rumors like the damn plague. Not only did I have my friends knocking my relationship with Tom, now I had to deal with a random co-worker trying to put a wedge between us. I wanted to and was ready to turn over a new leaf both at work and with the love of my life. It was also crucial that I build a positive rapport with Lisa and didn't want anything to mess that up.