Katie Maloney

Katie talks about how she feels about Jax, Kristen's grasp on reality, and on accusations that she is too loyal to Stassi.

on Feb 11

After everything that's happened, I don't think the vibe is any better at SUR. It's just different. Obviously with all the time that has past its allowed the dust to settle and lift the tension from the air. Whether or not Stassi was still working at SUR or not, it would still be the same. The dynamic has shifted big time and relationships have changed all for the better. I am thankful that all of us are able to be cordial and still work along side one another.

I have heard Scheana speak on wanting to do hosting work in the future. I think that would really suit her! I do feel that if that is what she wants to do she should be getting a little more serious about it. I don't think trying to pursue a singing career is a productive use of her time if she ultimately wants Andy's job. I think it's sometimes very hard to be taken seriously in this industry and you really have to prove your credibility and your own integrity before anyone can even give you a chance.

I have felt that Jax is a sex addict for awhile. His behavior is far too promiscuous to be considered anything less. He is very animalistic in his approach towards sex. I don’t think he is capable of being in a monogamous relationship. I think Jax should really consider the severity of this issue and the detriment it will have on his future and future relationships.