Katie Maloney

Katie talks about how she feels about Jax, Kristen's grasp on reality, and on accusations that she is too loyal to Stassi.

on Feb 11

I'm not friends with Jax. During the reunion Jax was speaking about Schwartz and saying he doesnt get to see him anymore because of me. I started to say "I don't have a problem with you. . ." and then was cut off for the 3469058 time. But what was following that was ". . . I don't have a problem with you hanging out with Tom or being his friend, so I would like to not be held responsible." I actually felt bad for Kristen in this moment because she seemed to really have no grasp on reality. First of all Jax was never my best girlfriend like Kristen was. How can she say she doesn’t really understand why I have a problem with her? It's simple, our friendship was tumultuous and I was over it. She lied to my face, she was a complete mess for months on end, and refused to be an adult about her life and just cried about it, then she did something completely unforgivable and repulsive. Any other questions?

I can never look at Kristen the same again.

I couldn't believe my ears when Kristen was proclaiming her maturity and how adult she is -- and then acted like a little punk teenager brat. It was so tactless to attack Ariana and then in the same breath talk about screwing Jax. The hypocrisy was unbelievable.

I don't think there is any correlation between Arianas and Toms relationship and her decision to be on the show. I think Ariana was a natural fit in addition to SUR. When rumors of Jax and Kristen started flying I think by default Kristen projected everything on to Tom and Ariana. I don’t think it was so calculated of her, she just wanted to play the victim card as long as possible.

Of course, Kristen stormed out. I was expecting it. Kristen has such a skewed idea of herself. In what way was she exemplifying any maturity. She really needs to learn how to get a hold of her emotions.