Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa vlogs about Stassi's double standards, the cheating rumors, and Kristen sweeping trouble under the rug.

on Nov 25, 2013

Hello to you all. When I view these episodes it takes me back to how I have changed over the years. To how things that were so troubling when I was younger become irrelevant now. To thrive on situations that are perpetuated by insecurities is really what most of them are guilty of.

I have to laugh at Stassi with her ridiculous comments about Jax modeling. He wasn't modeling when he cheated on her. If a man is going to cheat he will find a way. Stassi seems to relish in punishing Jax in every way possible way, but he keeps coming back for more!

Kristen was reinstated at work, but with a warning. She never fails to rub me the wrong way. It must be a distinct clash of personalites. I am so incredibly lenient with some of these kids. It is because nearly all of them have worked for me at least three years. I make allowances.