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Lisa Reacts to the Ariana Rumors

Lisa vlogs about Stassi's double standards, the cheating rumors, and Kristen sweeping trouble under the rug.

Read Lisa's expanded blog after the jump.

Hello to you all. When I view these episodes it takes me back to how I have changed over the years. To how things that were so troubling when I was younger become irrelevant now. To thrive on situations that are perpetuated by insecurities is really what most of them are guilty of.

I have to laugh at Stassi with her ridiculous comments about Jax modeling. He wasn't modeling when he cheated on her. If a man is going to cheat he will find a way. Stassi seems to relish in punishing Jax in every way possible way, but he keeps coming back for more!

Kristen was reinstated at work, but with a warning. She never fails to rub me the wrong way. It must be a distinct clash of personalites. I am so incredibly lenient with some of these kids. It is because nearly all of them have worked for me at least three years. I make allowances.

We had finished the bar in the garden. . .Finally and I was eager to put somebody in there that I could trust, somebody that I had a track record with, somebody who was pretty exemplary. . . Welcome Ariana. She has always been excellent, and I knew she was eager to pick up extra shifts. I categorically asked Kristen if she had a problem with her. She told me absolutely not -- so I was surprised to see Kristen's immediate disdain for her. She knows Tom and her are friendly, as they worked together pretty much three days a week for the past three years. You will see how this dynamic becomes slightly more complicated.

Stassi as usual goes into overdrive, confronting every situation that often has nothing to do with her. She is critical, but protective, and always loves to vocalise her opinion. I have to say I am constantly astounded at how uninhibited they are -- conversations about their sex lives, things I would think twice about sharing with my closest friends, let alone the world!

The relationship is so dysfunctional between Kristen and Tom. It is hard to understand what keeps them together. You will see the journey they take, which I have to say is a bumpy one. Anyway this season is fast and furious that's for sure. . .until next week.

Love Lisa.

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Our Producer Witnessed Kristen Storm Off After Dinner

Our producer was there to capture all the behind-the-scenes drama. 

The wedding bliss has come to an end, and now everyone is nursing their hangovers and dealing with the aftermath. Kristen and James have to deal with her Muay Thai jab to his face, and Scheana and Shay come back from their heavenly travels in Hawaii. See Scheana and Shay give us a recap of their honeymoon travels.

But wait, a #PumpRules extra! Stassi and James show us their hidden talents. Stassi could join the circus with her juggling talents, and we should just call James “Jaws” with those steal teeth.

And yes, yes that is the boy band sensation Lance Bass at the puppy rescue event with Ms. Vanderpump. It doesn’t matter that the band is broken up; Lance will always be dancing around with his 'NSYNC brothers in my heart. There was a great turnout that day for the Lucky Puppy event, an organization that Lance is passionate about. The cast and crew loved hanging with all the adorable puppies. My favorite was the troll-looking one. So adorably ugly-cute!

Jax really, really wanted a puppy! Lisa was not having it. See Jax here with his new potential puppy he called his bae. P.S. Jax is very unfamiliar with what the definition of “bae” is. He thinks it means bacon and eggs. To the kids on Twitter these days, bae = babe.

What you didn’t see: At dinner Kristen stormed out into the alleyway behind the restaurant after her argument with Scheana. I just happened to be in that alley. Homegirl needed a minute. Kristen had a cigarette and did a quick photo shoot with the cool graffiti wall before heading back inside.

Guess what next week is…the SEASON FINALE. Don’t kid yourself--you know you’re tuning in! As Scheana’s arm tattoo reminds us, it’s all happening!

See ya then! @efoye #foyecrew