Scheana Marie

Scheana discusses Katie and Stassi’s dance, and explains why she would have been the better burlesquer.

on Dec 2, 2013

I didn't "go" to Lisa about the Ariana and Tom rumors, even though it appeared that way. One of my managers asked me to bring it up because they didn't want unnecessary drama brought into the workplace. Obviously knowing I am close with not only Ariana but Lisa as well, I was the perfect person to bring it up before it got blown out of proportion.

Had I known we were getting our faces spray painted and putting our hair up, I wouldn't have spent two hours doing everything myself. From the time I got to SUR until the time the party and makeup started was almost four hours and my hair fell flat. At that point, I didn't care and just went along with it. It was definitely fun, I just don't like certain products on my face and eyes. I have very sensitive skin and I've already had issues with my contacts this year. Stassi just sounds dumb and b----y when she talks. Why would she say I was going for a "natural" look? I wasn't, obviously. I just didn't want spray paint on my face.