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Scheana: A Teams and Bitch Teams

Scheana discusses performing at Pride and doesn’t care if her song was annoying to Stassi and the other ladies.

Read Scheana's expanded blog after the jump.

 I was so excited when Lisa asked me to perform at Pride. Gay Pride in West Hollywood is a huge event every year with thousands of people. It is seriously so much fun and there's always such good energy at the parade -- I was honored to be a part of this day. I don't care if my song annoys people because Lisa asked me to perform and I couldn't be having more fun! I still don't know why Tom didn't join our dance crew since it seems he must have watched my Roxy performance several times to get my moves down! I think he should quit SUR and see if The Abbey is hiring go-go dancers.
My new single is called "Good As Gold" and I was able to work with some amazing producers on this track. I see it as Ke$ha meets Icona Pop. For me, my songs have to be catchy and upbeat. I want songs that get stuck in people's heads for hours. Upbeat dance pop music is so much fun to perform, and I love performing. I love getting up on stage and dancing around and just having fun!

I definitely don't see myself trying to pursue the pop star thing for that long, however. For now it's fun, and I enjoy every minute of it. But as far as a career, I would eventually love to get back into my journalism roots and go the broadcast route. I would really love to end up hosting my own entertainment news show down the line. Music is something I will never give up though, no matter which career path I take. I love sitting at home with Shay in our spare room where we have a studio set up and making new songs.

The whole "team" thing on the float was stupid. First of all, if there were teams, we all know mine would be The A Team -- let's be honest. It did feel just like last year all over again, but this time there was more than just Jax and I on one side. It feels good to have friends on my side this summer and I was glad Tierney decided to stay at the front of the float with us instead of Team Bitch in the back. I expected the girls to get annoyed that we were playing my song throughout the parade, and I don't care because I had so much fun that day singing and dancing on the float with my friends and Lisa.
Getting back to SUR and seeing Ariana and Kristen's chat was super awkward. I'm not sure that I agree with Ariana's theories of where the rumors came from, but it was definitely clever! I do, however, think Kristen really needs to reassess her relationship.

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