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Scheana Could Not Be Happier

Scheana couldn't imagine anything more beautiful than the surprise proposal her friends and Shay pulled off.

Read Scheana's expanded blog after the jump.

The day I got engaged was the biggest surprise ever, and I am a very hard person to surprise! I'm always super on top of things and I catch on quickly. That day Shay was acting really weird but he told me he had to hang with the guys and they were doing something cool he needed to bring a suit for. Hmmmmm. . .OK.

So I get to my photoshoot and it's a legit photoshoot. Nothing weird going on. The fact that my friends had a hand in helping just made that day that so much more special. Ariana and Pandora are so awesome to help make this day so amazing! It is weird to watch it back and see Stassi so "happy" for us that day, because I wouldn't have expected that and I still am not sure it was completely genuine.

Seeing Shay so nervous before was soooooo cute. I cry every time I watch it back. I can't believe all of this was going on while I thought I was doing a photoshoot! When I saw the ring in the bubble container I was like, "oh my gosh!" That was the cutest most thoughtful thing ever! A few years back when we were dating, I told him when he was ready I wanted him to go old school junior high and ask me to be his girlfriend officially. It's hard when you're an adult. Do you have the "talk"? Do you assume you're exclusive? I told Shay I wanted to know for sure. And he was so cute -- he went and got me a little ring and asked me officially. I still have that bubble and the ring in a special place at home.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect setting or day the way things happened. Like I said I am a very hard person to surprise, so I didn't know how he was going to pull it off. We had been talking about marriage since the day we started dating, and I may look young but I am going to be 30 next year so I told him if he wants little Shays one day he needed to get on it!

The proposal was everything I ever could have dreamed of and that much more!!! Who wouldn't want to be proposed to in the middle of a mountain on a gorgeous day in Beverly Hills!?!          

For me to say "winning" in comparison to the other relationships at SUR I simply meant I'm coming out on top. Katie talked s--- to me at Peter's birthday, Stassi is the girl who wants to be married but hasn't found the right guy, and Tom and Kristen is a story in its own. I am happy! I am in a great healthy, normal, sane, and loving relationship -- and I hope and pray the others can be as happy as I am one day! I would absolutely love to be at Katie and Schwartz's wedding one day. And I hope Kristen and Stassi find their happily ever after too!

Switching gears, I found out about Tom and Ariana when Kristen texted me the day Tom told her. I called Ariana and told her verbatim what Kristen told me and she said it was true, but she didn't tell me because it was JUST a kiss a couple years back. I get it. I'm sure I haven't told Ariana everything I did years back. It's unnecessary information. Once it was becoming a thing, I'm thankful she didn't tell me the truth. Then I would've been in a terrible position with the girls every time they asked me what I knew. Ariana wasn't going to do that to me and I am so thankful. I could truthfully say I didn't know anything instead of lying for my BFF. That to me is being a great friend by not putting me in the middle. I do not feel betrayed at all. I understand why she lied. By her lying to me I guess technically, I was lying to everyone but I wasn't because I didn't know it was a lie. To me what I said was the truth. End of story.

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Jax: That Dinner Was an Absolute Disaster

Jax doesn't know what Kristen is trying to achieve. 

How do the SURvers really feel about what goes in (and outside) of the restaurant? Each week we're asking the 'Vanderpump Rules' cast to tell you how they really feels about all the infighting, hookups, drama, and backstabbing. Get a closer look at how the felt about the biggest moments and blow ups by watching the video blog below -- or scroll down to read a full transcription.

Hi, I’m Jax Taylor, and welcome to my video blog.
I do know that there are 365 days in a year. What I was trying to say is 364 you can go f--- up your life and be a mess, but for that one other day, which makes 365, you had to be on your best behavior. That’s what I meant by that. That’s what I meant, Tom.
If Tom Schwartz would’ve came to me and Tom Sandoval and said, “Hey listen, I’m going to do this,” we would have definitely told him not to do it. He has great intentions, but this was a bad move man. A) Don’t give your girlfriend a ring on a string, and B) you don’t do it at a wedding.
I don’t know how many times James has to hear that Kristen is a bad person, that she is going to constantly go behind your back, she’s constantly going to be vindictive, and she’s constantly going to pine over Tom Sandoval. James, you need to wake up, unless you’re happy sharing with Tom. I’m sorry, bud, you just gotta walk away; this is not good for you.
I really feel bad for Rachel, though, because she did not deserve to get punched in the face, but that just goes to show you that when you hang out with Kristen, you get punched in the face. She’s lucky that’s all that happened to her.
That dinner with Kristen was an absolute disaster. I walked into a firing squad with them coming at me. I don’t know what Kristen is trying to get out of this. Even if he did it, it doesn’t matter. He is not going to be with you, Kristen. Wake the f--- up and move on.
I’m Jax Taylor, and this has been my video blog. Thanks for watching.

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