Scheana Marie

Scheana explains why she told Tom about what Jax said at the pool and why she won’t ever be BFFs with Stassi again.

on Jan 13

Looking back on the dinner in Cabo, I don't think Stassi was being unreasonable. It was her birthday and Katie should have held it together -- at least through dinner.

Even if it seemed like I was the one who stirred the pot at dinner, I was just honestly curious about what had happened because there was so much tension at the table and I heard whispers that something had gone up Katie's nose. I wasn't surprised that something like this happened after what went down at mine and Peter's birthdays considering we are in Mexico and there is unlimited tequila.

It was nice to see Stassi say she was glad I came, but I just don't think she and I will ever get back to the place we were at last year.