Scheana Marie

Scheana calls the secret dinner trick "bulls---", talks ring shopping, and completely belives the Jax/Kristen rumor.

on Dec 23, 2013

Stassi on the other hand, I felt, owed me an apology also. We just went out and got past our issues (or so I thought) and she can't even have my back? I don't understand why. Because Katie is her "best" friend and I'm just a friend? Even if Ariana, my BEST friend, was in the wrong I would call her out. After my birthday "fake" apology from Stassi I didn't take this one too seriously -- but sometimes it's easier to just get along. Shay and I already planned on spending his birthday in Cabo with the group so it's easier to just get along and know that I probably won't be friends with all of these people in five years anyways.

I brought up the Jax and Kristen rumor because I wanted more details! This is the juiciest piece of gossip to EVER hit SUR. At the time, yeah, I did think Kristen and Jax were capable of such a thing. It really didn't surprise me if it happened, it surprised me that it came out!

The whole thing with the secret diner was a bulls--- set up. I am an amazing server. Come into SUR and you will see. The table sat wasn't in my section. They ordered the most odd appetizer on our menu -- which I have now tried. I always make jokes at my tables and have fun. They clearly weren't having it. Whatever. I rang in their damn appetizer the second I got their order. It's not MY fault the kitchen sent their order to a different table and it took forever. Katie didn't come to the rescue. I went back to the kitchen several times to check on them and there was a mix up. I am perfectly capable of taking a two-top table in the bar when it's slow while talking to Tom. It was really annoying to see those girls try and say the service was bad and act like I wasn't paying attention to them. Whatever. Come to SUR and you'll see how good I am.