Kristen: This Episode Was Tough to Watch

Kristen wants you to know she feels very differently now than she felt when this episode was filmed. 

This was a tough episode to watch for multiple reasons. First and foremost, please remember this was not filmed yesterday. The way I felt then and the way that I feel now could not be more opposite. Watching myself confront Ariana and cry in front of Tom again basically made me want to crawl inside a hole. I admit that I remained angry and victimized myself for a long time about the situation, rather than allowing myself to heal. It's not a normal circumstance to have to work alongside your ex and his new girlfriend.


I hate that I even have to justify why I was so dressed up at Tom's. In reality I had just come from a beautiful, formal lunch event celebrating my best friend Rachael.



Reading a lot of the comments you guys post on social media is very hurtful, and sometimes verging on ludicrous, calling me "psycho" because I was heartbroken over the demise of my six year relationship. I've made mistakes but I'm a human being, just like you. I remind myself not to waste words on people that deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.



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