Katie: Jax Was Hammered

Katie Maloney shares her thoughts on the Lala/James/Lauren drama that broke out at SUR during Gay Pride.

Bravotv.com: You and Ariana have been very supportive of both Scheana and Shay and tried explaining to Scheana that Shay is dealing with really serious issues. Are you worried that Scheana might not be aware of how serious these issues really are?

Katie Maloney: I know Scheana understood the weight of the issues. I also knew that Shay had taken control of the situation in terms of getting off the pills and moderating his drinking. I know that this is the first heavy thing they have had to face in their relationship and it was taking a toll on them and how they responded to one another. I just wanted Scheana to face the fact that there have been other issues that had come to surface as a result, such as communication and learning how they can both be a better partner to one another.

Bravotv.com: It's that time of year again -- Gay Pride. Were you expecting a bigger turn out at SUR this year than last year?

KM: We were all hoping for a better turn out than last year. It was dead at SUR! This year had much bigger promise, but I couldn't have predicted the train wreck that was in store.

Vanderpump Rules
Lala Confronts Lauren
After finding out that SUR hostess, Lauren hooked up with James, Lala confronts her...

Bravotv.om: What did you think of all of the drama between Lala, James, and Lauren that unfolded at the pride party?

KM: I was actually confused and almost bored with it. I am not close with either James or Lala, but had a basic understanding that they made out once and weren't dating. I don't know if it was alcohol fueling this whole mess or the need for attention. It seemed desperate and I didn't understand it. 

Bravotv.com: Are you grateful that you weren't involved in any of the drama?

KM: Of course I was, they were running around like children causing a scene in the restaurant.

Vanderpump Rules
Lala and Jax's Love Connection
After Lala finds out that James has hooked up with Lauren, Lala decides to get even and leave SUR with Jax.

Bravotv.com: Was it surprising to see Lala leave SUR with Jax?

KM: I mean Jax was hammered and I think he was acting on pure impulse. Not much surprises me when it comes to Jax. 

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